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Friday, September 30, 2005

The Congress of the Victors

"Britain doesn't need a ruling class today. The rulers are the people."-
Tony Blair, Labour Party Conference, 2005.

"Take, for example, the question of building a classless socialist society. The Seventeenth Party Conference declared that we are advancing towards the formation of a classless socialist society. Naturally, a classless society cannot come of its own accord, as it were. It has to be achieved and built by the efforts of all the working people, by strengthening the organs of the dictatorship of the proletariat, by intensifying the class struggle, by abolishing classes, by eliminating the remnants of the capitalist classes, and in battles with enemies, both internal and external."

- Josef Stalin, Seventeenth Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, 1934.

And so it was necessary for the Party to bring Walter Wolfgang to justice.

Our enemies lie within the Party as well as outside it!

Intensify the struggle!

Smash the counter-revolutionary pacifist-Trotskyite Bloc!

Long Live the Labour Party, Party of Democratic Socialism!

Long Live Our Great Leader, Tony Blair!

Party members are also to be aware that the enemy may try to circulate terrorist material disguised as material produced by Party members.

This document has been recently recovered by the Serious and Organised Crimes Unit and its writers, suspected of being Trotskyite wreckers, are currently facing prosecution under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

Document A.

You may have seen on TV an elderly man being evicted from Labour conference this afternoon. This was Walter Wolfgang, a CND Vice President, Labour CND Vice Chair, and one of the organisers of the first Aldermaston March.

Walter heckled from the visitor’s balcony during a Jack Straw speech on Iraq. Despite his age (82) and frailty (he has great difficulty walking), and despite being a long-time and well known visitor at Labour annual conferences, Walter was physically hauled out of the Brighton conference centre. He was then detained by the police under the Prevention of Terrorism Act and held until the Deputy General Secretary of the Labour Party arrived to revoke his conference pass.

This is truly a Big Brother response to a veteran peace campaigner’s attempt to draw attention to the Labour Party leadership’s anti-democratic behaviour in blocking any debate on Iraq taking place on the conference floor. Britain’s involvement in this American military adventure has resulted in the deaths of many thousands of innocent civilians as well as a growing number of British troops. Imagine what Tony Blair and his government would have to say about such an occurrence had it happened in Iraq under Saddam, Iran, North Korea, Zimbabwe, or any other country on their ‘bad guy’ list.

Please circulate this among colleagues and friends and encourage them to contact their local MP, Labour Party HQ, and the Foreign Secretary to protest.

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