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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Some new websites...

Check out the new Love Music Hate Racism site - apparently you can download banners, but I couldn't do it personally. For those in the UK, the 'festival of resistance', Marxism 2006, coming up in early July, has a site up now as well. Finally, anyone a bit confused about the whole issue of racist Danish cartoons needs to really read this...



At 9:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for the last link - my application to the SW has lapsed. The stark bleeding obvious fact - that this is not about free speech, but about very deliberate abuse pursued in the name of urbane Enlightenment - is one which I have only read on blogs which might be considered "hard left".

This is, as the SW article says, a very clear case of outright racism - and, as another blog (and a Guardian columnist) have pointed out, it is racism twice over: first we insult them (and let's be clear that those cartoons insulted Muslims, not Islam), then we accuse them of primitivism when they protest.

I borrow again from the same blogger and the same Guardian columnist when I quote Steve Biko:

"Not only are whites kicking us; they are telling us how to react to being kicked."


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