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Thursday, May 18, 2006

One Way Ticket To Hell...

I have just noticed that Histomat has hit the 20,000 'hit' mark, and to mark this truly historic occasion I have decided to draw up another tedious 'Top Ten' list. Sorry about that. However, this is a top ten with a difference - as rather than being a top ten of things I like (revolutions, books about revolution, etc), this is a list of ten 'things' of which I am, er, less fond:

1. George Bush, Snr - International war criminal. Born 1924.
2. Jean-Marie Le Pen French Fascist leader. Born 1928.
3. Henry Kissinger International war criminal. Born 1923.
4. Sir Ken Morrison - British Supermarket boss. Born 1931.
5. Rupert Murdoch. Austrialian media tycoon. Born 1931.
6. Ian Paisley -Unionist bigot. Born 1926.
7. Augusto Pinochet - Chilean dictator. Born 1915.
8. Pope Benedict XVI - Aka Ratzinger the reactionary. Born 1927.
9.Ariel Sharon- Israeli War criminal. Born 1928.
10. Margeret Thatcher. British Baroness who gave birth to Blairism. Born 1925.

These people all have lots in common - they are all outstandingly loyal and devoted servants to the global capitalist system. Yet they also all share one thing in particular - they are all rather er, close to 'shuffling off the mortal coil'. Your (rather morbid) task then, should you wish to accept it, is to list the order in which you think World Civilisation will be cruelly robbed of these Very Important People. It is not, heaven forbid, a question about who one might like to shuffle off the mortal coil first. If any person guesses the order correctly they will get a prize - I will plug that person's blog or a website of their choice (if they do not have a blog) on Histomat. [If this blog has not been shut down for 'glorifying terrorism' by the UK Government before then, that is...].



At 9:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sharon, though he is stable. But yeah, money would be on Sharon. But Pinochet does have the age advantage.

Is this in order of dislike? Out of those ten people you dislike Thatcher least? Hmm...I dunno...I dislike Benedict somewhat less than Thatcher, but I suppose it's the consequences of Thatcherism and the continuation by Blair being suffered now, and Benedict presumably has more direct influence than Thatcher at this stage.

At 11:20 am, Blogger Snowball said...

I listed them alphabetically by surname - to be neutral like.

If people without blogs want to guess the order then it is probably best to email me at histomat@hotmail.co.uk - and I will put up your choices otherwise there will be no way of claiming the 'prize'.

At 8:12 pm, Blogger steffaction said...

As bad as Paisley is, he did stand up in the EU Parliament and shout "I denounce you, anti-christ" or some-such at Pope John-Paul II. Got to hand it to him - he was right there.


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