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Saturday, August 12, 2006

The gravest possible error

As Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett is proving to be a true intellectual heavyweight of our time. She said yesterday that people who blamed Britain's foreign policy for the terror threat were making 'the gravest possible error'. Of course they are. There is no possible link between us dropping bombs on other countries and any bombs that threaten to go off or indeed do go off in Britain. British foreign policy under the Blair regime is widely heralded as so free from any grave errors itself, and is indeed such a triumph in countering the growth in support for international terrorism that Blair can take a well deserved break in the Caribbean. One only has to look at the situation in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Palestine to see that where there was once discord, there is now harmony. Where there was once tyranny and violence, all is now sweetness and light. Beckett has also been on holiday recently, after showing a quite remarkable independence of mind in the sphere of foreign policy herself.

Beckett, in a moment of Churchillian rhetorical brilliance, defiantly stated 'Let's put the blame where it belongs - with people who wantonly want to take innocent lives.' Indeed, lets. It is vital for us to all rally around Blair and Beckett and the rest of the Blair's Cabinet at this time of national emergency. Truly they have set an example to us all themselves of how to wield power without wantonly taking innocent lives.

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At 12:08 pm, Blogger paddington said...

See also here - apostatewindbag.blogspot.com - for a deflation of media hyperbole.

At 12:38 pm, Blogger Snowball said...

The windbag is back? That is great news.

At 2:24 am, Blogger syndicalist81 said...

Yeah, finally. What a fucking slacker!


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