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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Raymond Williams remembered

Well, it is the fiftieth anniversary of 1956 this year, and so it is perhaps timely that 'Victor Serge' over at Monuments are for Pigeons has a post about one of the 'thought leaders' of the first New Left in Britain, Raymond Williams. Declaring Williams a 'socialist revolutionary' is quite a generous assessment of this remarkable writer and literary theorist (for a more critical examination see Chris Nineham's little article in International Socialism in 1996, or perhaps Ian Birchall's examination of William's 'centrism' in an even earlier edition of that journal (not online)). Those interested in thinking more about the first New Left might be interested to know that both the New Reasoner and the Universities and Left Review (which merged to form the New Left Review are online here.

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At 12:03 am, Blogger Tom said...

I have responded to your comments at Rob's place. 'Cliffite', that is...

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And I have replied to you there.


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