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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hated tyrant cheats justice

There was outrage as news came in that the notorious tyrant Antonio Blairchet had successfully evaded having to face justice in an international criminal court for his crimes against humanity. From 2001 onwards, Antonio Blairchet, with heavy US support, had waged a 'reign of terror' which killed thousands of innocent people. Torture and human rights abuses were widely documented, while uncounted numbers of other victims simply 'disappeared' in what Blairchet called a 'war on terror'. Some people rightly blamed Jack Straw for being too supine to the rich and powerful throughout his career and so failing to hold Blairchet to account.

Heartless Bastard

Others felt Blairchet's claim that heart problems meant he was too ill to stand trial did not really stand up as it was debatable whether he really had a heart. However, Margaret Thatcher rallied to the defence of the detested war criminal yesterday, calling Blairchet 'a saviour of democracy'...(cont. p. 94)



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