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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Ambition and compassion

In his heartwarming New Years message Our Dear Leader Tony Blair noted that the Glorious Party holds two things very close to its heart - 'ambition and compassion'. A pity of course that the only thing New Labour are ambitious about is power for power's sake and compassion for the richest and greediest people in society. Still, at last they are committed to 'seeing through' the civilising missions in Afghanistan and Iraq - it always brings a tear to one's eye to see those who were corrupted by power brought to account.

However, on an altogether different topic, one mindless thought criminal has succeeded in lodging a petition on the official Prime Minister's website noting that "We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Stand charged at the International Criminal Court with War Crimes committed in the illegal war on Iraq." This proposterous and disgusting allegation is of course so unbelieveable that it is in no danger of undermining the spontaneous mass popular celebrations that the Party is organising to commemorate the end of Blair's decade in power, but the Party must be ever vigilent. I urge Histomat readers, when making their new year's resolutions, to ponder about the sort of message such a petition sends out at this time, and to warn people not to sign it.

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