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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Gordon Brown's politics and the power of hypnosis

Are you feeling tired? Worn down at work? A little bit sleepy perhaps? Oh well, never mind. Take a seat, make yourself comfortable and just try to relax. Forget about all your problems and when you are quite relaxed Uncle Gordon will be along to explain all about his exciting new settlement he has in store for us all. Won't that be nice? You know Uncle Gordon don't you? Yes, that's right, he is that friendly man who lives next door to Mr Blair. A lovely man. Smiley. Sleepy. Uncle Gordon will explain about the mistakes Mr. Blair made but why everything will be alright now. Time for sleep. Yes, you can close your eyes if you wish. Just listen to his words. Ah, here he is now, I'll leave you in his capable hands...

Sleep sleep the state as servant sleep sleep sleep sleep a brilliant Prime Minister and an excellent leader of the Labour Party (who) has taken very brave and difficult decisions on so many occasions for which he should be applauded sleepy sleepy sleepy stuck in a rut in Iraq sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep Even those people, unlike me, who are in favour of capital punishment found this completely unacceptable and I am pleased that there is now an inquiry into this and I hope lessons in this area will be learnt, as we learn other lessons about what has happened in Iraq sleep sleep sleep deplorable sleep sleep sleepy unacceptable sleep sleep sleep There will always be reviews into what happened. The lessons we have got to learn are two-fold. One is that in Iraq itself there is absolutely no doubt - and I think people will agree on this in time - that the passage of authority to the local population should have begun a lot earlier, so they had to take more responsibility for what was happening in their own country sleep sleep sleep sleep a Government of all the talents sleep sleep sleep Political Quarterly Vol. 63 Issue 4 October 1992 THE SERVANT STATE: TOWARDS A NEW CONSTITUTIONAL SETTLEMENT by GORDON BROWN MP sleep sleep sleep sleep government sleepy sleepy sleepy sleepy a new kind of politics in this country...a new style of government in the future sleep sleep sleep sleep If you believed in the past that you could have a top-down approach and a Government that simply pulled the levers, that is not how it is going to work in the future sleep sleep sleep I would see the state as the 'servant state'. I would see Government as serving people. I would see the service emphasis of Government as being incredibly important sleep sleepy sleep You have got to listen and then you have got to be prepared to talk, consult and debate. I don't think it is a change of style for me. I think the issue is that the challenges of the future demand something quite different from the past sleep sleep sleep sleep stability sleep sleep stable and orderly transition sleep sleep sleep prudent sleep sleep prudency sleep sleep sleep the slavery of ignorance sleep sleep sleep the ignorance of slavery sleep sleep sleep freedom is slavery sleep sleep sleep war is peace sleep sleep sleep ignorance is strength sleep sleep sleep sleep Trident sleep sleep sleep sleep ID cards sleep sleep sleep nuclear power sleep sleep sleep precarity sleep sleep sleep 1984 sleep sleep sleep Big Brother sleep sleep sleep sleep

One for the memory hole: The Trident nuclear missile programme is 'unacceptably expensive, economically wasteful and militarily unsound' - Gordon Brown, 1984.



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