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Friday, January 05, 2007

International Socialism 113

Richard Seymour of the inimitable Lenin's Tomb blog has a timely article 'In the name of decency: the contortions of the pro-war left' in the latest issue of International Socialism, which has just come online. I like this bit in particular: 'A new initiative called ‘The Euston Manifesto’ was launched by bloggers and commentators from the soft left in April 2006. Its pioneers formulated their creed in a pub in Euston, and it shows.' Among what look like several other excellent articles, Hassan Mahamdallie's look at Muslim working class struggles in a twentieth century British context should also be read by those confused by the current climate of Islamophobia - while Neil Davidson looks back at the Great French Revolution.

While I am here, I may as well plug a London Socialist Historians Group conference coming up in February on The Cold War Sixty Years On which is being held in, er, London of all places.

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