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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Which way forward for socialism?

To stop war for good we need to stop the system which breeds war, but how?

If the choice ahead for humanity is socialism or barbarism, and it will be easier for me if you simply agree for now that it is, then the question becomes how do we get socialism? Canadian blogger 'Victor Serge' has been giving this question - arguably the question for socialists - some thought recently on his blog here and then here, while Alex Callinicos has a short article looking at the challenges ahead for socialists in Europe here.

Edited to add: Mike Davis, the brilliant American Marxist writer and historian, is speaking in London on race and class in the US at an event organised by Bookmarks on Thursday 22 February 7.30pm - while the July Marxism 2007 London festival has got itself a website.



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