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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The People's Charter

As well as the Put People First and Stop the War demonstrations coming up in London to counter the awful stench of hypocrisy and self-righteousness that will be emanating from the G20 summit, a People's Charter, 'A Charter for Change' has also recently been launched, and Histomat encourages those among our thousands of loyal readers who are based in Britain to sign up...

Britain is in the grip of an economic crisis. So is the world. Every time there is a slump the politicians and financiers seem mystified as to how the system has failed. But boom and bust is the way it works. It's not stable.

When the economy grows, banks, corporations and speculators, driven only by greed, gamble other people's money in their global casino. When they lose 'confidence' in their profit making schemes and panic, the bubble bursts and we pay the price. Redundancies throw hundreds of thousands on to the dole. Savings are lost. Homes are repossessed. Pensions lose value. Workers are put on short time. Wages and conditions are cut. Public services are slashed.

Government is spending billion of pounds of our money bailing the banks and big business out of their crisis. It's not right and we didn't vote for it. Those £billions are our money. And our children's. We want that money better spent. We have launched a People's Charter. It sets out what must be done to get out of this crisis and put the people first, before the interests of bankers and speculators.

We need one million signatures to show we mean business. So sign and support the Charter - on line, at work, in your community. Together we can get the changes we need.

Can we do it? Yes we can!



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