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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Ethical Critique of Capitalism

International Socialism journal seminar:
Paul Blackledge on The Ethical Critique of Capitalism

Paul Blackledge, author of Reflections on the Marxist Theory of History and co-editor of a recent collection of writings by Alisdair MacIntyre, will be presenting the latest in our series of seminars. He will speak on “The Ethical Critique of Capitalism”. As background to this talk, those planning to attend may wish to read Paul’s recent article on Marxism and ethics, published in International Socialism 120.

6.30pm, Friday 1 May. King’s College London, the Strand. Room 1B06

For more information phone 020 7819 1177 or email isj@swp.org.uk

Subsequent seminar dates for your diary:

29 May 2009. Gavin Capps on “The Development of Capitalism in the Global South”.

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