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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Revolutionary History 10:1

Rosa Luxemburg: Selected Political and Literary Writings
Author: Rosa Luxemburg
Guest Editor: Mike Jones

Rosa Luxemburg, perhaps the most remarkable and original figure among German Marxists thinkers and activists, was one of the earliest victims of fascism, murdered in Berlin, in 1919. This volume presents selected political essays, writings previously unavailable in English. They reveal Luxemburg's aversion to splits in the Labour movement, particularly in Germany and Russia, and aspects of her thinking about culture, nationalism and women's rights. Each essay is annotated,
introduced and placed in context.

* In Defence of Nationality, a defence - against Germanification - of the use of Polish in Prussian schools, which has some interesting comments on German class structure;
* On the Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz;
* A book review: Franz Mehring's Schiller for workers;
* Tolstoy as a Social Thinker;
* After 50 Years, an article celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding, in 1863, of the Allgemeine Deutsche Arbeiterverein (German General Workers' Union);
* Russian Party Conflicts, insights on the SDKPiL's perspective on Russian factionalism and the 1905 RSDLP congress;
* On the Split in the SD Duma Group, writing for the SDKPiL, Luxemburg comments on RSDLP reunification of the RSDLP;
* Observations on the ISB session, December 1913;
* The Female Worker, women's rights can only become reality as part of the proletariat's victory;
* Peace, the Triple Alliance and ourselves), written on the eve of WWI.;
* On Splitting, Unity and Resigning, against walking away from the degenerate of the
SPD, a critique of sectarians;
* On the Situation in the Russian Social Democracy, an argument written in 1911 for the SDKPiL Executive, against splits in the RSDLP. It illustrates the thinking on
currents in the Russian party, particularly Lenin.

Revolutionary History Series: Volume 10, Number 1.
Includes notes on: work in progress, archives, books and persons.
PBK: ISBN 978 0 85036 693 8 £14.95 (GB Pounds 14.95)

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