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Monday, June 08, 2009

Join Unite Against Fascism

From Unite Against Fascism:

Last night saw the fascist British National Party (BNP) gain its first two seats in the European parliament. BNP candidate Andrew Brons, a former stalwart of the National Front and a lifelong Nazi, narrowly took the final MEP place in the Yorkshire & the Humber region. The fascists polled 120,139 votes, representing 9.8% of the vote as compared to 8.0% in 2004.

BNP leader Nick Griffin took the final MEP place in North West England in the early hours of today. Griffin, who has a criminal conviction for incitement to racial hatred, polled 132,094 across the region, or 8.0% of the vote as compared to 6.4% in 2004.

Peter Hain MP, secretary of state for Wales, said:

"It is a shameful stain on Britain that we now have racists and fascists representing our country. It is vital that everyone now isolates and confronts the BNP and works with Unite Against Fascism to defeat them."

Ken Livingstone, chair of Unite Against Fascism, said:

"The economic crisis and abuse of MPs' expenses have provided fertile ground for the extreme right. It is no surprise in these circumstances to see an electoral breakthrough for the BNP, a fascist party, in Britain.

"The BNP claims to be a normal political party. In fact they are 21st century Nazis. As in the 1930s they exploit people's anxieties in an economic crisis to scapegoat minorities and ultimately threaten all our democratic freedoms.

"Wherever the BNP wins elections, racist attacks increase. Nobody should use the BNP result as an excuse to capitulate to racism. That is exactly the approach which has helped them get this far and it would help to get them further.

"Unite Against Fascism is committed to the broadest progressive alliance against the BNP -- linking all democrats, trade unions, minority communities and the great majority of society against every kind of racism and fascism."

Weyman Bennett, joint secretary of Unite Against Fascism, said:

"This is a turning point in British politics. It is the most significant electoral success to date for a fascist party in this country. It threatens to normalise the presence of the BNP on the political scene in a similar manner to Jean-Marie Le Pen's Front National in France.

"We cannot allow this to happen. It is vital that we mobilise the largest possible mass movement across every walk of life to stop the fascist BNP and drive them out of the political mainstream.

"We have done this before when working people rose up in unity to defeat Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists in the 1930s. We did it in the 1970s when the Anti Nazi League drove the National Front of the streets. Now it is our duty to inflict the same defeat on the British National Party."



At 5:55 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i personally think that you are an idiot you preach democracy then deny people the right to vote for who they want to run the country credit us with some common sense we don't need muppets like you thinking for us we can make our own decisions as to who we vote for

At 6:25 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 7:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats really scary that people think like you. Nick Griffin is a horrible thug who does not stand for democracy, but spreads hatred and anger. It is not as if Black Minority Ethnic community take all the good jobs and leave the working class white without. The kind of people that support his party are uneducated criminals who no-one would employ for goodreason. What is British? Some of us have celtic ancestory, some of us probably descend from Romans, how far back do you go when you talk about sending people back to their own countries. How many of us eat chinese and idian food, enjoy eating an indian takeaway, watch japanese televisions. Our country has a proud heritage of acceptance and thats what makes us great. Hitler tried to spread this extremism and look how that turned out. Everyone that hates difference only does so through ignorance!!

At 10:00 am, Blogger Snowball said...

No one is denying the BNP the right to stand in elections and for people to vote for them if they wish. All we are saying is that the anti-racist and anti-fascist democratic majority also have the right to mobilise and campaign and expose the BNP for the fascist scum that they are.

Until the BNP purge their Nazi leadership (Griffin, Brons, Collett etc etc) and replace them with people who do not admire Hitler, deny the Holocaust et al, then have no right to be treated like a 'democratic party'.

As Hitler himself once said, in his Mein Kampf preface, argued that 'Only one thing could have stopped our movement- if our adversaries had, from the first day, smashed our nucleus'. That is what it is necessary today.


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