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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

International Socialism 123

The new issue of International Socialism is out now, and it includes among other things Martin Smith on the resistable rise of the British Nazi Party - the electoral breakthrough of which is tragically already having all too predictable consequences - and analysis of the Euro-elections which concludes that regarding the British situation,

'Sometimes a threatening shock spurs people to sudden action. There was a sign of this with the magnificent and militant protests against the BNP after the election results emerged. Now is the time to see if the feeling can take on a new political form. The alternative is to cling to the hull of the Labour Party as it sinks into a sea infested with UKIP and BNP sharks. We do not know whether campaigning for a political alternative will gain enough critical mass to bring it about before the general election. But in any case, the networks drawn together in the process would help in the wider extra-parliamentary resistance to what capitalism has in store for us. There will be an urgent need in the months ahead for coordination in support of whatever struggles occur, in standing by those subject to abuse by the gutter press and in preparing for the fightback against the inevitable onslaught on the public services.'

There are also a host of other excellent-at-first-sight-looking-articles, including a reply by Roland Boer to John Molyneux on Marxism and Religion, Joseph Choonara on debates between Marxists over the current crisis, Talat Ahmed on Gandhi and Ken Olende on the first part of Jeffrey Perry's new biography of Hubert Harrison. Some critical summer reading for people...

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