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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stop ''Fascism 2009'' in Codner

From Unite Against Fascism:

Unite Against Fascism is calling on anti-fascists across the country to converge on Codnor, Derbyshire, at 9am on Saturday 15 August to protest against the British National Party rally taking place in the village that weekend. UAF supporters intend to "kettle" the rally by surrounding it with protesters. This action will demonstrate that the vast majority of people in this country reject the Nazi politics of the BNP.

For two cartoons of Nazi BNP Fuhrer Nick Griffin see here and here



At 5:06 pm, Anonymous Rayatcov said...

You have the initials right but the name is wrong. It ought to be Unite Against Freedom.
Whatever happened to free speech.
Well you can have free speech as long as it is passed by the UAF.
As I've said before and will keep on saying. "There is no such thing as bad publicity, just make sure you spell the name right."
Keep up the good work, 943,598 votes and counting.

At 1:44 pm, Blogger Snowball said...

I am not really going to take lectures on how best to fight fascism from someone who (from their website) thinks that the modern European Union is fascist. If you were genuinely concerned about fascism and what it represented you would not demean the memory of the victims of Nazism and fascism by comparing what they went through to the experience of citizens living in the EU today.

Freedom of speech does not exist in a vacuum by itself - it co-exists with other rights and freedoms - such as the right to be free from racist harassment and racist attack. The BNP's 'Red White and Blue' event is about stirring up racism and giving confidence to Nazi thugs who carry out racist attacks.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - the BNP will only get the right to be treated like any other normal political party when the members of the BNP kick out the Nazi leadership and other Holocaust deniers and worshippers of Hitler, Mussolini et al. Until then, those of us who understand the real threat posed by fascism today will have to continue to organise to try and shut down BNP fascist rallies such as these.

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