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'Historical materialism is the theory of the proletarian revolution.' Georg Lukács

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Wire: A Marxist Analysis

In probing the parameters of the intricate interactions between multiple individuals and institutions, the complex script, seen over all the seasons, excavates the underlying structures of power and stimulates engagement with overarching ideas. It bristles, even boils over, with systemic critique. While it offers no expectation of an alternative, it provokes reflection on the need for one and an aspiration towards one. It may not have been written by Marxists to dramatize a Marxist worldview, but it is hard to see how a series written on this terrain by Marxists would be much different from The Wire.
The Wire and the world: narrative and metanarrative by Helena Sheehan and Sheamus Sweeney, from JUMPCUT: A REVIEW OF CONTEMPORARY MEDIA (hat-tip: ISJ)

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