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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hommage à Daniel Bensaïd (1946-2010)

Another terribly sad blow to our side...but again, Daniel Bensaïd's revolutionary life and work should be a matter of celebration alongside commemoration and condolence. I will collect some of the tributes/obituaries etc below. There will be memorial meetings in Paris on 24 January and in central London on 9 February.

Daniel Bensaïd Internet Archive

Tariq Ali 'Remembering Daniel Bensaïd'
Alex Callinicos, 'Obituary'
Gilbert Achcar 'A revolutionary who fought steadfastly'
François Sabado 'Militant, Intellectual, Friend'
Josep María Antentas 'A revolutionary for our times'
Liberation 'Daniel Bensaïd'
Lenin's Tomb 'Mort'
Rustbelt Radical 'Tribute'

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