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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Conference on The Vote - What Went Wrong?

With the upcoming British general election in May offering little in the way of excitement for socialists (with the possible exception of the embryonic left challenge from the 'Trade Union and Socialist Coalition' - 'TUSC' - not to be confused with this TUSC, and a handful of others), the upcoming annual conference of the London Socialist Historians Group on 27 February The Vote - What Went Wrong? seems timely. The most recent issue of the LSHG Newsletter is also now online, and includes among other things Keith Flett on the anti-war movement and Ian Birchall on how work on his forthcoming biography of Tony Cliff is coming along, both of which may be of interest to Histomat readers. While I am here I may as well also flag up the national Unite Against Fascism conference being held in London on 13 February - stopping the EDL going on any more rampages and stopping 'Nazi Nick' Griffin getting even the whiff of a chance of being elected in Barking will be priorities for the British Left over the coming period, as well as building on the mood of resistance and solidarity expressed at the recent successful Right to Work Conference - in order to fight the current jobs massacre.

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