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Friday, February 25, 2011

Day School:Revolution in the 21st century

Revolution in the 21st Century
A one day special event hosted by the SWP
Sunday 13 March
11am – 4pm
@The Camden Centre, Judd St, London, WC1H 9LZ

Nearest tubes: King’s Cross and Euston
£10 waged, £5 unwaged
Please book your place today.

From Tunisia to Egypt, Libya to Bahrain mass revolts and revolutions are sweeping the Middle East. They are shattering the idea that ordinary people can’t change the world and threatening the hold of imperialism. After decades of dictatorship mass mobilisations and strikes have brought down tyrants. Who says revolution is impossible in the 21st Century!

The unfolding events raise many questions as well as offering inspirational lessons. How can the revolutionary process continue and deepen? Many people in those countries are now pushing for further change. As well as bringing down tyrants is it possible to completely transform society? And the impact is being felt far beyond the Middle East. In a time of revolution how can Marxist ideas help explain the world as well as offering a way forward.

This special one day event aims to enable discussion and debate regarding these momentous events, as well as providing analysis and a chance to discuss revolutionary theory.

Speakers will include:

Eyewitnesses and revolutionaries from Tunisia and Egypt plus
Alex Callinicos author of The Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx
Judith Orr, editor of Socialist Worker and eyewitness to the Egyptian Revolution, recently returned from Tahrir Square
Workshops will include:

Permanent Revolution
Imperialism and the Middle East
Plus more . . .

Organised in association with Marxism 2011

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