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Sunday, February 06, 2011

It's Capital - not multiculturalism - that fails us now...

‘I don’t want to just try to win good headlines by saying I’m going to hammer these guys’, David Cameron mused about the bankers recently - after all these are rich and powerful and he knows many of them from his days at Eton. Instead Cameron has decided - in the most time-honoured ruling class traditions of divide and rule - to aim to win support from racists by declaring that instead of hammering bankers he is going to hammer one of the poorest and most powerless groups of people in Britain, and a group he knows next to nothing about: yep, you guessed it, the Muslim community.

We get deeper insight into Cameron's 'active, muscular liberalism' - as opposed to the supposed 'passive tolerance' of old - with his plans to try and abolish May Day - international workers' day - something not even Thatcher seriously attempted to do. It is clearer than ever what is the only thing Cameron really cares passionately about - the profits of the rich. As Madeleine Bunting notes, 'the "vision of society" that Cameron urges as necessary is in fact already in evidence – in a million versions of consumer capitalism 24/7, and it promotes acquisitiveness'. It is precisely this system - not 'multiculturalism' - which is currently failing in Britain and internationally. It is critical that socialists unite and throw themselves into helping build the working class fightback against this rotten government and the system it serves.

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