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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Never say never again

'Asked on BBC1's Andrew Marr Show whether he could ever envisage joining the Conservatives - and perhaps taking a Tory peerage - Mr Clegg replied in shocked tones:

"Join the Conservatives? No, never. I am not a Conservative - never have been, never will be. Never, never, never. I am a Liberal Democrat to my core. I will be carried out in my coffin as a card-carrying Liberal Democrat."'

Going by his track record, this is probably the clearest indication we have to date that Nick Clegg is indeed intending to join the Conservative Party - and, going by this statement, sooner rather than later. The only possible question to speculate on now is when. One year? Two years? Four years?



At 8:47 pm, Anonymous Callum said...

Indeed. Mr. Clegg also seems to be predicting his imminent assassination, which is a tad rash.


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