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Friday, August 19, 2011

Prince Harry on the riots

After the riots - and amidst the brutal state clampdown - has come a tidal wave of commentary on them - some informed and much simply the rehashing of reactionary old mantras. It is interesting then to hear amidst all this the voice of one young person in Britain who, despite his own experience of living in a family all trying to survive on state benefits while suffering unemployment, did not, for some reason, feel the need personally to take to the streets and riot. Yes, Prince Harry of Buckingham Palace Row, London, has now commented at last on the riots, and apparently he found them
'shocking and outrageous'

Prince Harry himself of course might have never felt the need to riot as such, but he has recently partaken in a quite brutal, violent and criminal act of looting - as part of a wider smash-and-grab raid known as 'Western Imperialism in Afghanistan', so perhaps his attempt at trying to help seize the moral high ground over the riots for the government, police and the ultra-rich 'over-class' in society lacks a certain je ne sais quo.



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