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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Tony2012 initiative: Video about a war criminal goes viral

The Tony2012 initiative, supported by the non-profit group Stop the War Coalition, demands the trial of leader Anthony 'Tony' Charles Lynton Blair head of the Tony Blair Foundation, who has terrorised villagers in at least two Middle Eastern countries for nearly a decade.

Stop Tony
He stands accused of overseeing the systematic killing of countless Iraqi and Afghan children and brainwashing young working class British boys into fighting for him. His forces are believed to have slaughtered tens of thousands of people in Iraq and Afghanistan. Tony should have been wanted by the International Criminal Court since 2001 on charges that include crimes against humanity. He has been living as an international 'peace envoy' to the Middle East since that time, but it is feared that he favours more bloodshed in Iran and must be stopped before he kills again...
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At 12:23 am, Anonymous BlairSupporter said...

LOL George et al. Give it up. You've lost. No trending created on Twitter. As I may have mentioned on Twitter tonight, Tony Blair is the greatest. Simply the best.

At 10:52 am, Anonymous David Duff said...

Are you on something? Only, I worry for you. To live in a world of make-believe is not a good thing.

At 1:06 pm, Blogger Snowball said...

David - are you talking to me - or Blair supporter?

Blair supporter - I find it hard to tell if you are for real - or a genius of political satire. If the former - then keep going - I think you believe in Blair more than he does in himself (which is sayign something) - and so you puncture his pomposity brilliantly in spite of yourself. If the latter - then 'I salute your indefatigability' - keep up the good work. In fact keep up the good work whatever.


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