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Thursday, April 05, 2012

David Harvey and George Galloway to speak in London at Marxism 2012

From the Marxism team:

We are proud to announce that David Harvey, probably the world’s pre-eminent Marxist thinker, will be speaking at Marxism 2012.

Harvey’s work has helped create a whole new field of radical and Marxist geography. He is the most cited academic geographer of all time and 18th most cited intellectual of all time in the humanities.

His Youtube lecture series on reading Marx’s Capital has introduced a whole new generation to Marxist ideas and books like The Enigma of Capital have popularised the idea that Marxism can explain the current crisis.

David will be delivering two meetings at Marxism:
· The urbanisation of class struggle
· And a panel on Marx’s Capital, with Alex Callinicos

George Galloway MP to speak at Marxism opening rally

Galloway’s magnificent by-election victory in Bradford West shocked the political establishment. He trounced Labour and won an overall majority of votes cast.

The result sums up the anger at the pro-austerity consensus of the three main parties. As Galloway put it: “who would have thought a backside could have three cheeks?”

We are very proud to announce that he will be speaking at the opening rally of Marxism 2012, helping to give the event a flavour of how resistance can break through

Edited to add: The provisional timetable for Marxism 2012 is online now



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