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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

International Socialism # 135

Anti-capitalism really is an idea whose time has come. Back in 2000, when I joined a march outside the World Bank as they gathered to meet in Prague, one slogan we chanted was 'Our World is Not for Sale - Put the Bankers into Jail!' Back then - at a time when the system seemed to be apparently booming - such chants drew odd looks from passers by - us anti-capitalists were in a tiny minority. Today, when one raises a slogan such as 'Jail the Bankers, Nationalise the Banks', people will respond 'Jail them? We need to get guns - they want shooting'. Anyway, those who take their anti-capitalist theory seriously - and particularly those inspired by the recent rise in interest in Marxism - will be interested to know that the new issue of International Socialism is out now. Contents include Alex Callinicos on 'the second coming of the radical Left', Jim Wolfreys on France after Sarkozy, Jonathan Maunder on the Syrian Revolution and Colin Barker on patterns of revolution over the past 25 years. There are also a number of other more historical articles, on for example the Jewish Labour Bund, the Fourth Congress of the Communist International, while Marxist sports writer Dave Zirin is interviewed about the Olympics...



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