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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lenin's Tomb 'in urgent need of repair'

Lenin's Tomb - first a tragedy, now a farce.  Poor old Lenin, having to suffer the indignity of association with something that has recently shown signs of deteriorating rapidly as a result of a leak and now resembles a big white elephant.  

Lenin's Tomb is currently in bad need of repairs following a leak, and may need to be closed soon for the foreseeable future.  The body may well remain inside while renovations take place. 

Recently experts have been investigating the condition of the famed Tomb. The examination revealed that some parts of the Tomb have begun to deteriorate, leading to leaks.  According to one report,  'the state of the Tomb is deteriorating continuously' and 'the foundations are cracked'. Expert analysis of the Tomb came to the conclusion that 'the urgent resolution of two problems is required: to repair the foundations and to staunch the flow' of leaks.  'According to a Chief Architect, the main task at present is to halt the sinking'.

Legions of people once regularly visited Lenin's Tomb, but now it is mostly visited by curious tourists, and one local resident said it has 'become a tourist attraction in my opinion'.    
A growing number of people have said Lenin's Tomb should be done away with. A recent poll by an independent polling institute showed 40 percent of people in favour of this.


At 7:23 am, Blogger Adam Marks said...

You're on the wrong side.

At 7:30 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this bamberyite feminism?

At 12:40 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Certainly: Lenin is alive at the Tomb, so it has perhaps surpassed its use.

This empty place on the other hand seems to be occupied by a festering corpse.

I wont return here. It smells revolting.

At 2:39 am, Anonymous Ravotr said...

Haha I had a good laugh, at least the thing is done with a sense of humour.. Still, this is the way Chinese part intellectuals commented on Bejing's factional struggle in 1966. Which says something, I believe. The corpse seems to be a whole party, not just an embalmed dead leader.

At 4:41 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reminiscent of IS in the very early '70s - instead of giving direct and honest responses to criticisms, party hacks would rely on this kind of demagogic humour, hamming it up to a depoliticised memberships. This is really a confession that there is no open honest answer that SWP can give to the criticisms aired at LT and elsewhere. It is also strikingly symptomatic that both leadership and opposition approach the issue as if it is solely about questions of organisation as if it is not part and parcel of the SWP's centrist politics and an inevitable result of cultivating a sheep-like membership. As Lenin said, "Political questions cannot be mechanically separated from organisation". The SWP will stagger on in some form or another, while the critics will either be demoralised or go off to form yet another Trotskyite organisation - the 'Real SWP' or even 'International Socialism'. Remember where you read it first ... if this comment survives the censor haha.

At 2:24 pm, Anonymous Zarathustra said...

Tractor production up 50%.

At 11:30 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

People say this piece is funny. Well, maybe. But given the gravity of this issue, this post also seems to me to be puerile, supercilious, basically pathetic. If this is the quality of the support the CC has, the Democratic Faction should win and win soon for the sake of the party.
Neil Proud.


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