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Monday, October 07, 2013

International Socialism # 140 online

Cover of issue 140

The latest issue of International Socialism journal is online, and there is a whole host of material there including Alex Callinicos on spectres of counter-revolution in the Arab world, Michael Roberts on the world economic situation, and a series of discussions relating to ''the future of the British Left'' including Julie Sherry on Len McCluskey's strategy to ''reclaim Labour'', Ed Rooksby of Left Unity responds to Paul Blackledge on ''Left Reformism'' and socialist strategy, Jane Hardy and Joseph Choonara respond to Neil Davidson on neoliberalism, and Charlie Kimber and Alex Callinicos write on the politics of the SWP crisis.  There are also a discussions of the German KPD, Giorgio Agamben, and two British politicians, the Tory Michael Gove (pictured below) and Labour's Chris Mullin  With teachers strikes last week and in the pipeline, here's hoping socialists don't have to talk about Gove too much more in future... 

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