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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Marxism 2014 - 10-14 July, Central London

1914-2014: A century of war, crisis and revolution
What are the alternatives for today?

Marxism 2014 is a five day political festival. Thousands are expected to attend this year.  Speakers and activists will come from across the globe to discuss and debate some of the key questions facing all of us who not only want to understand the world but also change it.

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Six years into the global economic crisis, the situation is complex and often contradictory.  There are exciting new developments as people seek a better world and a break from pro capitalist models. But alongside explosions of resistance from Turkey to South Africa to Brazil, we have seen vicious scapegoating of immigrants and the poor as well as the rise of UKIP.
Alongside advances there have been set backs. Whether it’s the Egyptian revolution three years on or fighting austerity in Britain, the situation is not straightforward.

Many political questions are up for debate. 
  • Who are the working class?
  • What is the role of trade unions? 
  • How can resistance go forward after the defeat at Grangemouth?
  • How can we end oppression?
  • Can there be a left alternative to the Labour Party? 
  • How should socialists organise? 
  • What are the prospects for revolution in the modern world?
Meetings at Marxism 2014 will seek to offer analysis, discuss alternatives and debate these issues and many others. 
Come and be part of the discussion.

Despite rising costs the price of Marxism has not gone up  . . . tickets cost the same as 2013.  Plus, book before 6 April and you get £5 off . . . 

Edited to add:  The provisional timetable is now online

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