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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Top Marx for Karl - Philosopher of revolution

Karl Marx has recently been voted the Greatest Philosopher of Our Time by Radio Four listeners. If it was not such an 'un-Marxist' thing to do I would just gloat and say 'Hume are ya?' 'Hume are ya?' like a deranged loon. As it is, I will simply put up a link to a speech I saw the late Paul Foot give to a day school in 2004 to celebrate the reprinting of Alex Callinicos's The Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx. I aim to write in more detail about Marx and the modern world on this blog when I have more time, but for now let us salute the Old Man.



At 3:51 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And as your BBC link shows, he won by a country mile. A friend of mine (who is intelligent enough to know better) said to me the other day that Marx is inherently undemocratic. If any Histomatist readers can explain how on earth such an interpretation of Marx (as opposed to Marx-inspired regimes of the twentieth century) is possible, please enlighten me.

Hume at two is an odd choice - I didn't realise eighteenth century scepticism raised such passions. Good to see Wittgenstein in the top three (I would have put him at two), but where are Hegel, Mill and Russell?

At 5:24 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

PS: one of those interviewed by Dame Bragg was A.C. Grayling. He made the following remark:

"Who was a bigger Marxist in the late 20th century than Margaret Thatcher? [..] because her famous remark about what is society, there is no society there are only individuals, and individuals stand in relation to one another fundamentally on the basis of their economic relations, and that is a very distinctive Marxist idea."

Is this any less daft than suggesting that Kylie is a Marxist because she is so clearly not alienated from her labour?

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