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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Controlling the future

In his triumphant tenth year speech this week to New Labour's Party Policy Network Forum, the Great Helmsman of the Blair Revolution, Comrade Blair directed activists attention away from the often troublesome past and present towards the golden future that awaits the Party:

'New Labour is an attitude of mind...Our government should be enabling, empowering...We should be unafraid of the future...We should own the future...As we in New Labour face the prospect of a fourth term, the danger is not a conscious decision to depart from New Labour; but an unconscious decision to cease driving it forward...Fortunately I have no doubt that those who will take on the mantle of leading the party into the next election do indeed want New Labour to remain New Labour.This means "new" New Labour. Standing still means falling back. But it is change because of new issues, new challenges; not a rejection of the past 10 years, just an acknowledgement that it is the past.The attitude of mind stays intact.'

With the correct attitude of mind the One Party State can still be achieved:

'Consider the Tory Party today. They are in a state of deep ideological confusion. Their MPs wander around, uncertain, scratching their heads, some off to the left of us, some off to the right of us. They can unite when attacking us; but ask them where they stand and they have difficulty finding their bearings. They're supposed to be the law and order party; but take a bewildering array of civil liberties positions to oppose tough measures. They now tie up with the left of the unions and the SWP in opposing all reforms in the health service.'

The dangerous counter-revolutionary 'Trotskyite-Cameronite Rightist Bloc' can only be defeated if the disciplined Party embraces the 'aspirant class' of Stakhanovite workers in Britain today:

'Its not about merely accepting the aspirant class, tolerating the element that might vote conservative but we want to vote progressive; its not about being gracious enough to allow their concerns on tax or immigration or responsive public services to intrude on our core cause. It's about a wholehearted embrace of them. It's not enough to be "not against them". We need to be for them, welcoming them, letting them shape and influence our policy. If all of this sounds very unsettling to progressive ears, it shouldn't do. Being in serious politics is always about being in government. That too is an attitude of mind.'

Finally, the Glorious Leader turned to the question of the Party structure:

'Our structures are often old-fashioned. We should be aiming for parties that are not activist-based, though of course we need our activists. They should be stakeholder parties, run on far looser lines, with supporters and members co-existing together and with structures of policy and decision making always reflecting real people's concerns. The pressures within the party should be those that keep us virtuous, in touch with the people, in line with the future. Do this and we can be governing parties.'

Let the victorious banner of Bush fly high over our heads!

Utter destruction to the Trotskyite-Cameronite wreckers!

Death to the Iraqi Resistance!

Long live our glorious motherland!

Under the banner of Bush -onward to victory!

Long live British values!

Long Live the Blair Revolution!

Long Live Comrade Blair!

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At 7:41 am, Blogger Doug said...

Your party must be doing something right to get a mention from Comrade Blair.

The speech is bloody awful. Hearing Blair deliver it would be even worse. A few years ago, particularly when Bush was stumbling over the "evidence" in the lead up to the war, the media pundits were showering Blair's "defiant" speeches with praise. Comparisons to Churchill were everywhere. These comparisons have disappeared in the last few years as Blair now seems to be a man on the brink of insanity, as he rolls out increasingly hysterical and empty gestures. He seems more a mad man than the "great statesman" he was once made out to be in 2002/3. It must be the Stop the War Coalition that has reduced him to a wreck, no? February 15 must have taken five years off his life.

At 3:36 pm, Blogger Snowball said...

Cheers Doug - Lenin's tomb has a link to the TV programme 'The Trial of Tony Blair' which was on recently in Britain - it shows him obsessively cleaning his hands ala Lady Macbeth ('Out damn spot!').

The present rulers of states like the US and UK are literally up to their necks in so much blood now that it is certainly difficult for them to think straight - rather like Stalin during the Purges they become like ghosts in the machine, paranoid cogs in the apparatus of state terror themselves. The terrorisers become terrorised. One can see this with Blair when one compares pictures of him before the 'war on terror' (young looking, fresh faced) and now (old, haggard, grey haired etc.)

The same process will happen to Brown after he takes power due to the pressures of fighting such a bloody counter-productive war - though the fact the war is so unpopular and provokes so much opposition certainly is a factor.


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