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Saturday, June 28, 2008

On the joys of job interviews

From here:

I sat down in front of the panel of stony, unimpressed faces. An iceberg would have radiated more warmth. No one asked me about my presentation. There was just an embarrassed silence for a few seconds while... while what? What was I supposed to do? Inscrutable reptile looks. Then the first question. I was asked how I would promote the college's Equal Opportunites policy in the classroom. Of course, I'm wholly in favour of Equal Opps policies and it's good that they clearly take it seriously - but what am I supposed to say about this? I managed to mumble something vague - but only after considering, for a second or two, a facetious response. 'How would I promote the college's Equal Opportunities policy in my teaching? Well I suppose I would promote it by not being a racist, sexist or homophobic bastard in the classroom.' What else can you say?



At 12:21 pm, Anonymous Alan Moore said...

Hi, snowball.
You may be interested to know that bill Moore, founder member of the Communist party History Group, died on Thursday. An obit apppeared in the Sheffield Star on 23rd July.


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