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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Russian Revolution and the Harlem Renaissance

Whenever I take the time to 'surf the left blogosphere', or whatever the phrase is, which is sadly quite a rare event these days, I am invariably struck by the quantity and quality of decent socialist blogging that it is possible to find out there. But one has to go searching for such stuff - and too often it remains hidden away under all the social-imperialist scum and sectarian-reformist idiocy that invariably rises to the top in the 'left political blogosphere'.

Take for example the author of General, Your Tank is a Powerful Vehicle an American blogger who has put their MA dissertation on 'The Russian Revolution and the Harlem Renaissance' online - a remarkably brave (and worthy) thing to do in my opinion. It looks fascinating...

1. Philip Randolph, Chandler Owen and The Messenger
2.Marcus Garvey, the UNIA, and the Negro World
3.Cyril Briggs and The Crusader

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