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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Solidarity with Palestine

From Auckland to London (see pics above) to Barcelona, Paris and the US, to say nothing of Norway, Greece, Malaysia, Sweden, Bosnia, Lebanon, Thailand, South Korea and India, people marched yesterday, often on Israeli embassy's, in outrage at Israel's barbarism and to say 'in our thousands and in our millions we are all Palestinians'. As usual Lenin's Tomb's coverage is superb, including as it does the text of a new poem by Michael Rosen, while I also liked Tariq Ali's quote when asked about the potential of violence on the London demonstration (violence that did actually take place when the police went on a riot): 'You always have on any demonstration a group of people who get very angry and sometimes that comes out in violence, but for me the most appalling violence is happening in Gaza. A few punch-ups outside the Israeli embassy is neither here nor there.'



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