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Monday, April 26, 2010

International Socialism # 126

The latest issue of the journal International Socialism is now online: As usual there is something for everyone, but highlights include the proprieter of 'Lenin's Tomb', Richard Seymour on the changing face of racism, and articles on Venezuela, climate politics after Copenhagen, C.L.R. James's classic history of the Haitian Revolution The Black Jacobins, 25 years since The Great Miners' Strike in Britain and Leo Zeilig on how Tony Cliff's theory of Defelected Permanent Revolution better fitted the reality of decolonisation in Africa than Trotsky's predictions based on the Marxist theory of permanent revolution itself, despite Trotsky's profound contribution to developing that theory. There is lots of other great stuff one might want to get through of course - for example since this blog might be said to have made a small 'Debsian turn' of late, I will highlight John Newsinger's review of a new work on Eugene V Debs by Ernest Freeberg, Democracy’s Prisoner: Eugene Debs, the Great War and the Right to Dissent".

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At 3:16 am, Blogger DJN said...

Congrats on the article.

Whatever happened to the conference in Ottawa? Did it ever happen?

At 5:13 pm, Blogger Snowball said...

Cheers - yeah, by some miracle Ottawa actually happened in the end dude - I'll email you about it...


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