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Friday, May 21, 2010

New issue of Revolutionary History on Iran

Revolutionary History, Volume 10, no 2 - The Left in
Iran, 1905-1940

The latest issue of Revolutionary History is now available, and is concerned with the history of the left-wing movement in Iran from 1905 to 1940. It will be of particular interest on account of its coverage of the relationship between the Iranian socialist organisations and those of the Russian Empire, and the impact upon Iranian Communism of the diplomatic dealing between the Soviet Union and the Iranian government after 1917.
This issue of Revolutionary History has been edited by Cosroe Chaqueri, a leading authority on the history of Iran, and the author
of The Soviet Socialist Republic of Iran: Birth of the Trauma (Pittsburgh University Press, 1995). Over its 400 pages, Professor Chaqueri has provided a number of detailed essays on the Iranian left-wing movement, and assembled a collection of over 40 documents from Russian, US, British and French official archives and journals, the majority of which have never previously appeared in an English-language publication.
These documents include correspondence between Iranian socialists and their counterparts in Tsarist Russia; reports showing the involvement of Russian revolutionaries in the Iranian Constitutional Revolution; the rise of realpolitik in Soviet relations with Tehran that led to Moscow's abandonment of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Iran in 1921; and Moscow's close supervision of the Iranian Communist Party.
For ordering Revolutionary History, Volume 10, no 2, The Left in
Iran, 1905-1940, please contact Merlin Press

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