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Friday, July 30, 2010

This is Gramsci Country

If 'history is the new rock n' roll', and lets face it, it remains rather a big if, then readers of Histomat might be excited to know that Doug Nesbitt, formerly of the much missed blog 'The Proles' is back on the blogosphere with a new blog called 'This is Gramsci Country', an event at least as noteworthy as the new album by Arcade Fire. This blog relates to his phd thesis on 19th century Canadian history - and in particular possibly 'discovering the Canadian [bourgeois] revolution'. As he suggested to me, 'the thesis is shaping up into an exploration of Canadian Confederation as a project of "bourgeois revolution from above" - à la Neil Davidson.' Does 19th Century Canadian Marxist history on the blogosphere get any better than this?

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