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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Tony Blair's "10 lessons for peace-making"

From Tony Blair's A Journey:

1. Establish a framework of agreed principles.
2. Focus relentlessly on achieving your goals.
3. Accept that "small things can be big things".
4. Be creative.
5. Give the parties outside help.
6. Accept that peace is "a process, not an event".
7. Be prepared for disruption.
8. Recognise that leadership matters.
9. Accept that external circumstances must work in favour of peace, not against it.
10. Never give up.

I like the bit about being 'creative' - though presumably this is critical if anyone is going to accept the legitimacy of a war criminal giving lessons on matters of 'peace-making' in the first place...I guess we should all just be grateful that Blair hasn't got round to setting up the 'Tony Blair Centre for Peace Studies'...yet.

Protest at Blair's Memoir Launch, 12.30pm, 8 September, Waterstones, Piccadilly London.

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