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Thursday, October 21, 2010

'Crisis and Critique' - Historical Materialism conference 2010

Details of this years annual Historical Materialism conference in London on 11-14 November are now online here. Speakers include Robin Blackburn, Alex Callinicos, Patrick Bond, Alex Callinicos, Lars Lih, Jim Kincaid, Paul Mattick (junior), Jairus Banaji, John Holloway, Julian Stallabrass, Stathis Kouvelakis, China Mieville, Esther Leslie, Richard Seymour, Bill Dunn, Kevin Anderson, Judith Orr, Immanuel Ness, David McNally, Paul Blackledge, Neil Davidson, Joseph Choonara, Mike Haynes, Paul Kellogg, Seamus Milne, Hilary Wainwright, Leo Panitch, Charlie Hore and Andrew Milner - and topics range from everything from the capitalist crisis to Bolshevik History to Marxism and the Global South and more cultural topics (as well as esoteric topics such as 'Althusser and the Aleatory Encounter', though don't let the latter put you off attending some or all of the event if you can).

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At 1:02 am, Blogger Doug Nesbitt said...

I went to the recent one at York University in Toronto and it was excellent. Wish I could be there. Looks great!


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