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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Reasons to vote TUSC # 94

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New Labour's racist campaign mug - vote Trade Union and Socialist Coalition - a party that stands for working class solidarity and unity against the 'divide and rule' agenda of our ruling class...

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At 11:28 am, Blogger JJ Hite said...

Majority rule politicians don't have confidence in broad daylight responsibility for. They put stock in approach open door for all and reasonable appropriation of the products of work (here's the information to read more about it).

It's disappointing that individuals can't comprehend that we want a framework like the Scandinavian nations, not Germany or France. Two totally unique frameworks.

You understand, it's not the communists you ought to be careful about yet the republican tyrant, everybody in bolt step, fundamentalists you should watch out for. I simply don't see how Americans, who pride themselves on being rough individualists, have come to grasp enormous daddy, in your private issue, an oligarchic style government. There communist frameworks, much the same as there are tyrant entrepreneur social orders. Yet what they are upholding for is plain old Nordic social majority rule government.


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