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Monday, December 05, 2005

Dead King Watch Index

'For a socialist the question of the monarchy is not decided by today’s book-keeping, especially when the books are cooked. It is a matter of the complete overturn of society and of purging it of all elements of oppression. Such a task, both politically and psychologically, excludes any conciliation with the monarchy.'
Leon Trotsky

'Whether I have too little sense to see, or too much to be impressed upon; whether I have to much or too little pride, or of anything else, I leave out of the question; but certain it is, that is called monarchy, always appears to me a silly, contemptible thing. I compare it to something kept behind curtain, about which there is a great deal of bustle and fuss, and a wonderful air of seeming solemnity; but when, by any accident, the curtain happens to be open, and the company see what it is, they burst into laughter. We must shut our eyes against reason, we must basely degrade our understanding, not to see the folly of what is called monarchy. Nature is orderly in all her works; but this is a mode of government that counteracts nature. It turns the progress of the human faculties up side down. It's subjects age to be governed by children, and wisdom by folly.'
Thomas Paine

When I initially started the 'Dead King Watch' (DKW) feature on Histomat I argued that 'what this new feature will try to do is to simply record the dates that Kings of England died, on the anniversary of the date that they died, so people can have the opportunity to comment on what they thought about this or that dead ruler of England. I apologise for the Anglo-centric bias in advance.' The anniversaries of the deaths of monarchs of England have not all yet been covered by this blog, by a long way, but I thought it would be worthwhile to compile the ones I have done so far. I also decided to include Queens of England as well - so really perhaps this feature should have been called 'Dead Monarch Watch' with hindsight. I have concentrated so far only on monarchs who reigned after the Saxon Restoration, but in future I will try to also include where possible also the Danish and Saxon Kings as well. This Index will get updated on a regular basis.

Alfred the Great
Edward the Elder (899-924)
Ethelweard (uncrowned) (924)1
Edmund I
Edwy the Fair (955-959)
Edgar the Peaceable (959-975)
Edward the Martyr
Ethelred the Unready
Edmund Ironside
Sweyn I
Harold I
Edward the Confessor
Harold II
Edgar the Atheling
William I
William II, Rufus (1087-1100)
Henry I
Henry II (1154-1189)
Richard I
Henry III
Edward I (1272-1307)
Edward II (1307-1327) (deposed, died 1327)
Edward III
Richard II
Henry IV
Henry V
Henry VI
Edward IV
Edward V
Richard III
Henry VII
Henry VIII
Edward VI
Lady Jane Grey
Mary I
Elizabeth I
James I
Charles I
Charles II
James II
Mary II
William III
George I
George II
George III
George IV
William IV
Edward VII
George V
Edward VIII
George VI

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