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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Paddington at play

After becoming Histomat's Latin American correspondent, and reporting from Argentina here and here, as well as Paraguay, 'Paddington' has, on his return to Britain (and after a great deal of deliberation), decided to set up his own blog. I guess he maybe got tired of sending me great links, such as Chomsky's recent interview where he talks of the hopeful signs emerging from the new social movements sweeping Latin America, only for me to continue to piss about writing about long dead and long forgotten English monarchs.

Anyway, Paddington's long awaited blog is called Homo Ludens, which apparently means 'The Playful Man' or 'Man as Player'. According to Wikipedia, 'Homo Ludens' was the title of a book written in 1938 by the Dutch historian Johan Huizinga, which apparently 'discusses the importance of the play-element in culture and society'. However, whatever the exact inspiration for the title, and without further ado, it is an honour to be asked to introduce Homo Ludens to my friends and comrades in the 'blogosphere'. Paddington - welcome to the twenty-first century 'Grub Street'.

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