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Friday, June 26, 2009

What the Total Workers Know

'A worker’s labour power is his only wealth. It is also his strongest weapon. The irritated cart-horse that snorts and kicks in impotent rage makes no impression on its master so long as it continues to drag its load along the way. But when it sticks its hoofs into the macadam and refuses to budge, then the driver is up against a tough proposition.'
The Worker (organ of the Clyde Workers’ Committee), January 29, 1916.

First Visteon, now Total - who says that the modern working class can no longer fightback and win?

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At 11:16 pm, Blogger Charlie Marks said...

Appears to be a stunning victory of solidarity by construction workers in the energy industry. We'll see what they think of it next week - at a meeting, no less.

Truly, there is hope for us all and these workers have shown the way.


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