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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gary Younge on the growth of the Nazi BNP under New Labour

An excellent article

There has always been more to the BNP than racism and always been more to racism than the BNP, which is merely the most vile electoral expression of our degraded racial discourse and political sclerosis. Under such circumstances setting Straw – and the rest of the political class – against Griffin is simply putting the cause against the symptom without any suggestion of an antidote.

This has been New Labour's problem all along. While they have long recognised that racism is a problem, it never seemed to occur to them that anti-racism might be the solution. This should not obscure some of the positive things Labour has done – most notably the Macpherson report and the Race Relations Amendment Act. But in the words of the late African American writer James Baldwin: "What it gave, at length and grudgingly with one hand, it took back with the other."

The BNP's victories are a product of our politics. Its defeat, when it comes, will necessarily be a product of a change in our politics. But since New Labour's politics enabled the BNP, it is in no position to disable it. The BNP is a bottom feeder. But the system is rotting from the head down.

Join the Demonstrations outside BBC centre today organised by Unite Against Fascism

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At 10:35 am, Blogger Colin F said...

Here's my report of the anti-BNP protest on my French blog : http://le-nouveau-poireau-rouge.blogspot.com/2009/10/stop-aux-nazis-du-british-national.html?spref=fb


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