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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Was Theodor Adorno an Ipswich Town fan?

'Football implies the desire to suffer', wrote the Marxist Theodor Adorno, with all the characteristic pessimism one would expect from a thinker of the Frankfurt School, something noticed by the good people over at Philosophy Football, who have made a T-shirt in his honour. I think it highly unlikely Adorno was a fan of Ipswich Town Football Club - (unlike say George Orwell, who evidence notwithstanding I have always insisted was a quiet admirer of the currently low-flying Suffolk team*), but anyone who has followed the fortunes of Ipswich (or indeed any underperforming football team) the last few seasons will I think identify with the essential truth underpinning Adorno's statement here... * NB. The recent performances of ITFC have given some cause for optimism - it is to be hoped we might stay in the Championship this season at least...

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