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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Rachel Holmes to speak on Eleanor Marx at Marxism 2014

From the Marxism 2014 office:

Marxism 2014 starts in just over two weeks time . . . don't miss out - make sure you book your ticket if you have not already done so!
New speaker for Marxism 2014
We are very pleased to announce that Rachel Holmes, author of the new book “Eleanor Marx, a Life”, will be speaking at Marxism 2014.
The daughter of Karl Marx, Eleanor Marx was exceptional in her own right. She was a socialist organiser and campaigner, massively involved in the explosion of strikes and militancy known as “New Unionism”. The Great Dock Strike in 1889 signalled a massive expansion of the trade union movement among thousands of previously unorganised, unskilled workers.
Eleanor was a highly experienced agitator. She was one of the key speakers at the 100,000-strong mass rally in Hyde Park, during the third week of Great Dock Strike. She formed the first women’s branch of the National Union of Gasworkers and General Labourers.
Rachel Holmes will explore these aspects of her life and others in her meeting at Marxism.
Eleanor Marx: A Life will take place at Marxism 2014 on Friday 11th July at 2pm.
Day and session tickets are available. Booking in advance is cheaper and will save you queuing at the Box Office. All tickets booked before Friday 4th July will be sent out in the post.
For the full provisional timetable for Marxism 2014 go to www.marxismfestival.org.uk
You can book on line or call 020 7819 1190
Please note that the deadline for the creche is this Friday 27th June. If you need accommodation and have specific needs please let us know by Friday 4th July. Any accommodation requested after this date will be in a community centre.
Hope to see you at Marxism 2014!

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