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Monday, February 16, 2015

UAF national conference 21 February

Unite against 
fascism and racism
Saturday 21 February
Congress Centre, TUC,
Great Russell Street, London
9am onwards: Registration
10.20–11.30am: Choice of the following four sessions
a) Mobilising against the far right and fascist street movements across Europe
Chair: Weyman Bennett Joint National Secretary UAF; Christine Bucholz MP
Die Linke (Germany); Martin Lynch Black Country UAF; Petros Constantinou KEERFA; Sabby Dhalu UAF
b) War, Torture and Islamophobia – Defend Civil Liberties
Chair: Judith Orr Officer, Stop the War; Speakers: Lindsey GermanConvenor Stop the War; Mohammed Kozbar VP Muslim Association of Britain; Victoria Brittain Writer and journalist; Hamja Ahsan Free Talha Ahsan Campaign; Louise Christian Human Rights Lawyer
c) Opposing Austerity, racism and scapegoating immigrants
Chair: Aaron Kiely NUS NEC; Speakers: Sam Fairbairn People’s Assembly Against Austerity; Mick Burke Economist; Eileen ShortDefend Council Housing
d) Never again – 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz
Chair: Weyman Bennett UAF; Speakers: Gerry Gable EditorSearchlightCollette Levi Hidden child refugee from Vichy France
11.30–11.45am: Break
11.45am–1pm: Plenary
After Paris attacks: Uniting Against Islamophobia, 
anti-Semitism & Fascism in Europe
Chair: Sabby Dhalu UAF

Speakers: Nasos Iliopoulos Syriza Central Committee (Greece);Marwan Muhammed OSCE; Christine Bucholz Parliamentary Member Die Linke (Germany); Owen Jones award winning journalist;Claude Moraes MEPDr. Shuja Shafi MCB General Secretary;Billy Hayes CWU General Secretary; Mark Serwotka PCS General Secretary; Weyman Bennett UAF
1–2pm: Lunch
2–3.30pm: Choice of the following four sessions
e) Black lives matter: campaigning against institutional racism
Chair: Brian Richardson UAF; Janet Alder Justice for Christopher Alder; Marcia Rigg Sean Rigg Justice and Change Campaign; Maz Saleem Justice for Mohammed Saleem
f) Keep racism out of the general election – no scapegoating immigrants
Chair: Wilf Sullivan TUC; Zita Holbourne PCS NEC & BARAC; Saira Grant Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, Don Flynn Migrant Rights Network; Sabby Dhalu Stand up to Racism
g) Stand up to UKIP
Chair: Denis Fernando Rainbow Coalition Against Racism; Steve HartUnite the Union; Representative of Alliance Against Romanian and Bulgarian Discrimination; Jo Cardwell Stand up to UKIP
h) Je ne suis pas Charlie: incitement of hatred is not freedom of speech
Chair: Alan Gibson NUJ; N’Della Paye (France); Azad Ali MEND;Jude Woodward UAF
3.30-4.45pm: Plenary
Celebrate diversity: stand up to racism
Chair: Jude Woodward Assistant Secretary UAF

Diane Abbott MPEmily Thornberry MPKen Livingstone;Sharar Ali Deputy Leader Green Party; Lutfur Rahman Mayor of Tower Hamlets; Petros Constintinou KEERFA (Greece); Simon Woolley OBV; Lee Jasper BARAC



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