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Sunday, February 21, 2016

The internationalist case against the EU

Alex Callinicos on why socialists and trade unionists should support a vote to leave the EU - in the upcoming EU Referendum but obviously not sharing a platform with the likes of 'poundshop Enoch Powell' Nigel Farage while doing so... see also the debates and other pieces collected together at the bottom of this page. As Charlie Kimber of the SWP notes, We hope others will join us in a campaign that is rooted in anti-capitalism, support for workers’ struggles and anti-racism. It is not too late for Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn to shrug off the pressure from the right and launch a left-wing leave campaign. It would condemn Cameron to defeat. Our campaign will say, “No to racism, open the borders, leave the EU”, and “Yes to workers’ unity everywhere, solidarity against neoliberalism and capitalism, leave the EU”. It will also say “No to Ukip and TTIP and the other neoliberal treaties, fight the bosses, leave the EU” and “Yes to real action over climate change, no trust in the bosses’ solutions, leave the EU”.

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Thank you for voicing your thoughts, Alex Callinicos.


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