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Monday, May 28, 2007

Paul Rogers on a clear and present danger

In The fire next time, Rogers notes that the anti-war movement needs to 'be prepared' over the coming weeks:

'To sum up: the US position in Iraq is in trouble, with the surge failing so far to deliver the expected results and a further expansion therefore planned; reinforcements have had to be sent to Afghanistan; meanwhile, the Iranian government is being particularly forceful and US naval forces have moved into close proximity to Iran in the Persian Gulf.

These circumstances will not necessarily result in a tipping-point on the other side of which is war, but at a time of pre-existing tension which they in turn reinforce they do present particular dangers. These are the circumstances in which there is a risk of unexpected events developing rapidly into confrontation, even where the latter is not the intended result. That is the situation the region and the world now faces, and there is little indication that it will ease in the coming weeks.'

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At 5:23 pm, Blogger Harold said...

This would not be the first time that Iran and the United States clashed in the Persian Gulf. See www.insidethedangerzone.com for more details on the 1987-1988 quasi-war between the two countries.

At 3:42 am, Blogger Hugo Chavez said...

Thanks for your help in eliminating the last remaining vestiges of democracy from Venezuela, RCTV and Globovision. I look forward to more of your support in the future!

At 9:49 pm, Blogger Snowball said...

'Hugo Chavez' - thanks for making the blogosphere a better happier place to be with your 'political humour'. I really look forward to more of your 'jokes' in future!


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