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Sunday, July 01, 2007

BB No. 10 Update...

It is Day Four in the Big Brother House, and the housemates are in the sitting room, discussing politics:

GORDON: 'Am I glad that Tony Blair has finally gone. While he was in power, there were British soldiers dying in Iraq and Afghanistan on a daily basis, and a mounting threat of terrorism at home. Now we can all finally relax again - its back to business as usual.'
HARRIET: 'You are so right Gordon, as always.'
DAVID: 'Oh Gordon, you are so right'.
HAZEL: 'Relax? If Big Brother hadn't taken away all our cigarettes we might have a chance...'
ALISTAIR: 'I agree with Gordon too. I don't know what people ever saw in Blair, personally. I can't believe that they have now gone and made this war criminal into a peace envoy - what the fuck is that all about?'
GORDON: 'Less of the swearing, darling.'
JACK: 'I hate war criminals, me. Lock 'em up and throw away the key I say.'

Suddenly the door opens and another new housemate appears! Lets meet him!

Name: Digby

Favourite colour: Grey.
Occupation: Minister for Trade and Investment.
First Words in the House: 'I wish I could fit through this bloody door'
Life Philosophy: Getting rich by doing as little work as possible.
Likes: Big Business. Rich people. Money. Pies.
Dislikes: Trade Unionists. The Unemployed. 'The Great Unwashed'.
Why BB?: 'I like the idea of sitting around for weeks on end and doing nothing. I think I'd be pretty good at that. I am the Big Beast of Big Brother - geddit?'.

How will the other housemates take to Digby? Will he eat all the pies? Stay tuned to find out!

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